Global Findex confirms a steady rise in financial inclusion

25 October, 2018

Data from this year’s Global Findex confirms a steady rise in financial inclusion, by 515 million adults. Technological innovations and greater collaboration by a wide range of stakeholders are driving unprecedented progress. At the same time, gaps in access and usage persist, most notably among women and the poor.

This year’s annual report describes ongoing efforts of UNSGSA in three priority areas: ensuring usage and development impact, reaching neglected populations, and creating the right environment for technology-enabled financial inclusion.

This past year the UNSGSA worked vigorously to help expand development progress in countries around the
world. The strategy, Queen Maxima put in place in 2017 continues to guide her work by focusing on 1.) ensuring financial services are actively used in a way that improves people’s lives; 2.) reaching underserved populations, specifically women, farmers, and small businesses; and 3.) fostering the public goods and policies needed for digital financial inclusion. Throughout her work she has also promoted customer-centricity—one of the best tools available to address low usage—and has prioritized engaging the private sector. By pressing on all of these fronts, the UNSGSA aims to drive progress where opportunity is ripe and advances can improve lives

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