Financial Inclusion in Paradise

20 November, 2018

Original Source: FinDev Gateway

Earlier this year, the World Bank released the much anticipated Global Findex Database 2017 publishing another installment of the most robust, bird’s-eye view of financial inclusion across the globe.

While most countries are represented in the data set, there are currently no Pacific Island Countries (PICs) included in the Global Findex, nor are there any Small Island Developing States (SIDS). How do these countries stack up against their peer groups or global trends?  To answer this question and address the lack of a similar data set, several PICs’ central banks and Pacific Financial Inclusion Programme (PFIP) convened in 2014 and then spent the following few years engaged in collecting and curating large-scale, nationally representative demand-side surveys. These studies were harmonized with the Global Findex, allowing for some benchmarking and insights.

We acknowledge that the Global Findex and the Pacific demand-side surveys used differing methodologies and should keep this in mind when interpreting comparisons. However, both surveys are rigorous, demand-side exercises, and similar enough in their rigor to warrant useful comparisons.

This post looks at a few of these comparisons for the first time. In some cases, the Pacific echoes what we see in the Findex, but there are some poignant divergences as well. Click on original source to read more!

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