Navigating the Next Wave of Blended Finance for Financial Inclusion

11 December, 2018


Original Source: CGAP 

Blended finance is at the heart of the discussion on how to attract private investors to help finance the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Using concessional funding to catalyze private investments, blended finance amplifies the pool of funding and ideas available for development. In financial inclusion, the use of blended finance has a long track record and about a third of blended finance deals reported to the Converge database target financial services.

For this reason, CGAP organized a webinar that presented opportunities for blended finance in financial inclusion and showed how to optimize the use of different funding sources. In the webinar,  speakers Joan Larrea, CEO of Convergence, and Milena Bertram, head of external relations at Finance in Motion, presented the state of blended finance today and shared experiences from using blended finance in financial inclusion. If you have missed this webinar, follow this link to watch the recorded webinar.

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