P+ People, Planet, Profit, 22 December 2015: 'Greening' loans takes time (in Dutch: Vergroenen leningen kost tijd)

Is financing of green investments by small and medium enterprises in developing countries possible without subsidy? In most cases it is not, so it seems. One of the primary reasons is the need for competing with the conventional subsidy of fossil fuels. But who should invest this money? Banks point towards the government, but are able to do more themselves. Like, for example, investing in there own knowledge of environmental technology.

Hans van de Veen, journalist from P-Plus (P+) attended the Green Inclusive Finance Conference, organised by NpM in cooperation with FMO and Hivos.The conference created the opportunity to address green, environmental impact (besides social impact) in the inclusive finance sector. The specific aim of the conference was to share knowledge and identify potential business cases in order to (further) enhance the focus on 'greening' the sector.

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