Managing Director

26 October, 2017

Cordaid is an international development organization with approximately 550 employees,
working from eight offices worldwide. The headquarter in based in The Hague, the
Netherlands. Cordaid is a foundation that believes in a world without poverty and exclusion.
They strive for a just and sustainable society where every person counts. They stand for
knowledge and talent sharing between the Northern and Southern part of the world,
between farmers and businesses, between activists and policymakers. Where poverty,
conflict and exclusion divide societies, Cordaid connects people and communities. They
stand for professionalism, expertise and solidarity across borders. Cordaid makes a
difference where it is most needed.

Cordaid Investment Management B.V.
Cordaid Investment Management B.V. (“CIMBV”) is the subsidiary of the Cordaid Foundation
that manages all investments. CIMBV is a fund manager registered at the Dutch Authority for
the Financial Markets (AFM). CIMBV combines the unique ability to finance partners with
grants, equity and debt instruments in selected countries across three continents. They have
EUR 80 million of assets under management, predominantly investments in microfinance
institutions (MFI’s), small and medium enterprises (SME’s) and other funds with a social
mission. Hereby, over 70 investees are being served worldwide. CIMBV intends to keep
growing the investment portfolio and attract external investors to close its first fund
managed for third parties.

CIMBV is looking to recruit a new Managing Director who is socially engaged and able to
further grow the organisation. As Managing Director, you will saveguard the alignment of the
CIMBV strategy, products and processes with the Cordaid mission, goals and values. At the
same time you will be highly active in helping to market CIMBV toward the international
(impact) investment and institutional investor community. Keeping an open mind to new
developments and strategic reorientations are key for the deep rooted added value culture
of the organisation. At least as important is that you appeal to the mission and vision of
Cordaid, as you will provide strategic input from a funding’s perspective to the parent
company Cordaid. The Managing Director will also be part of the Management Team of

The position of Managing Director entails the following responsibilities:

▪ Chairman of the Executive Board;
▪ Designing and executing CIMBV’s strategy and business/operational plan;
▪ Overseeing CIMBV’s risk management, P&L, Balance Sheet and sustainable growth, as
well as its financial and social policy results;
▪ Is responsible for reporting KPI’s and operational results to all shareholders, regulators such as AFM and other external stakeholders;
▪ Leading a dedicated team of > 10 Investment Managers with specific expertise in the financial intermediaries segment, with the objective of generating a portfolio of high-quality, creditworthy, and environmentally and socially sound operations with measurable development impact;
▪ Managing interdisciplinary and multi-cultural professionals located both at Headquarters as well as field offices;
▪ Chair the internal credit committee and interface with external credit committee;
▪ Overseeing new funds development from the prospecting stage through origination, structuring, fundraising, negotiation and closing ensuring that the investment teams are properly staffed and motivated;
▪ Managing fundraising and high level stakeholder relationships with key industry players and partners including both the public and private sectors;
▪ Participating in conferences and seminars and other events appropriate to maintaining and building sector knowledge and promoting IIC financial intermediaries related capabilities; Keeping Cordaid recognized as an authority among key financial intermediaries and participating in sector-wide events and specialist working groups;
▪ Maintaining constant relationship with Cordaid including, among others, strategic development, legal, risk, and compliance functions;
▪ Providing support for the development of Cordaid Country Strategies and multi-year Business Plans;
▪ Promoting innovation and encouraging staff to adopt changes being introduced in the marketplace and keeping abreast of opportunities for new products and services;
▪ Providing mentoring and designing personal development for personnel; and
▪ Overseeing human resources (staffing) and budget allocation decisions for the CIMBV.

The ideal candidate has the following profile:

▪ A university degree (at least a Masters), preferably in economics, finance, business
administration, or equivalent;
▪ At least 5 years of experience in management / leadership positions;
▪ At least 10 years of relevant investment / banking experience with clear
understanding of lending, structured finance and fund management;
▪ Substantial knowledge of development finance; microfinance and SME finance, including understanding of the legal and regulatory environments of frontier markets;▪ Proven track record in implementing and executing complex and diverse projects
with a wide range of financial intermediaries, preferably in the impact investing
▪ Strong credit risk skills as well as demonstrated experience/track record of
originating, structuring, negotiating and closing projects of high credit quality;
▪ Outstanding interpersonal and social skills to effectively work with all levels of staff
and manage complex internal and external stakeholders including the Management
Team of Cordaid and CIMBV, the Board of Directors, internal committees as well as
governments, the private sector, environmental and social audiences, NGOs and civil
society. Therefore, understanding of how non-for-profit institutions engage with the
private sector is key;
▪ Proficient in public speaking;
▪ Proficiency in English required; knowledge of Spanish and/or French is preferable;
▪ Unquestionable integrity and highest ethical standards;
▪ Knowledge and experience in one of the Cordaid countries is also considered
Also, you should have an interest to serve low-income people and proven ability to attract,
select, and motivate staff with special attention given to diversity and inclusion among the

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