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30 June, 2019




Legal Creative


About us

Lendahand is a small, fast-growing social enterprise. We run an online impact investing platform that allows individuals and small institutions to create impact in emerging markets while earning a decent financial return. Through our platform people can provide debt funding to financial institutions and renewable energy companies in countries such as the Philippines, Kenya, and Colombia.

As a fintech company we are part of the revolution that is reshaping the banking and investment management landscape. Lendahand has found market fit and is ready to scale up. 4 years ago we facilitated €10,000 in debt per month, at the moment that is €1,500,000 per month. We expect to stay on a steep growth curve.

With a MiFID license (as an investment firm) from the Dutch regulator in hand we have launched our platform in the UK (Richard Branson can tell you all about that). The Nordics and our neighbouring countries will follow suit.

The Lendahand team consists of 12 people. Some call themselves the experienced ones, and some call themselves team young gods (we leave it to you to which group you think you belong to). Together we form a dynamic and high achieving team that gets things done and is having fun while doing so.

We are part of the B Corp community and a member of NPM, the Dutch platform for inclusive finance.

What we look for

At the moment the Legal Team consists of 1 legal eagle and is in desperate need of an extra pair of wings. We have great ambitions and we want to make sure that they are legally well embedded within the legal framework that we - as a MiFID licensed investment firm - are operating in. You will have your own main focus areas, with overlap with our current legal person where and when feasible. Your main focus points will be financial and regulatory law, designing and setting up several new investment structures. We move fast and go where few have gone before, so you need to be able to keep up with us and feel comfortable coming up with creative – but sustainable – solutions.

What you will do as a member of the Legal Team:

  • advise internally on financial law and regulatory law
  • contact person for AFM, DNB and our external finance lawyer
  • implementing new investment and hedging structures
  • co-working with other legal person, e.g. on investment contracts, compliance, etc.

Lendahand is a small company, so don’t be surprised if your help is at times needed for corporate strategy discussions, international roll-out brainstorms or watering our avocado plant (or eating the avocados if you are a millennial).

About you

University-level master degree in Dutch private law ▪ A few years (or more) of experience in financial/regulatory law, either at a law firm or with a regulator ▪ Project management skills (manage the process, keep speed and finish the job) ▪ Strong creative, analytical & problem solving skills ▪ Entrepreneurial and ambitious (you won’t survive here otherwise) ▪ Comfortable with working under uncertainty (basically ‘organized chaos’) ▪ A drive and naivety to want to change the world ▪ Fluent in Dutch and English ▪ Exceptional skills in fussbal and/or ping pong may work for or against you, depending on who you are playing against


  • Cash salary: it’s not the jackpot, but it’s OK
  • Participation: you get a very interesting package of options. Every team member must feel owner of the company
  • A cool environment with a steep learning curve ▪ Unlimited coffee, free lunches (they do exist), and fun facts during lunch
  • Change the world, nothing less

Start Day: Flexible, but preferably July 1st, 2018

If interested, please contact:

Koen The (CEO)
Phone:+31 6 24 64 35 33

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