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On 3 September 2014 the 'A Billion to Gain?' Conference organised by ING and NpM took place aimed at the inclusive finance sector and where the results of the research 'A Billion to Gain?' have been presented. The research has been conducted in India and Ghana with the purpose of acquiring more insight to the social and financial impact of microfinance.

2500 women, both clients and non-clients, have been interviewed on their current social and financial situation their situation 3 years ago. By analysing various types of impact of inclusive finance practices with clients, we are able to offer the inclusive finance sector a framework by which they can keep a closer eye on the realisation of their goals regarding improving the lives of the clients they directly, or indirectly, serve.

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Visit the website www.ing.com/microfinance for more information about the ''A Billion to Gain?'' series.