2019 Overview Course Of Financial Sector Issues

The 2019 Overview Course of Financial Sector Issues aims at providing a solid knowledge of the fundamentals of the financial sector and an opportunity to learn about the latest thinking in key areas. The theme in 2019 will be Financial Systems in the Era of Data and Technology.

Throughout the training, participants will hear the views of leading financial experts on the more traditional role of the financial sector as well as how big data and new financial technologies are reshaping finance all over the world. Participants will have the opportunity to ask questions, interact and engage in discussions with renowned scholars, policy experts and prominent industry figures, who will identify the critical questions related to each topic. The event will also provide the participants with opportunities to network and exchange knowledge of various countries’ experiences with their peers.

The course will be held in the Preston Auditorium of the World Bank Group Headquarters in Washington, DC on June 24-29, 2019. A course completion certificate will be jointly delivered by the World Bank Group and the George Washington University School of Business. Participants will also have a chance to tour the World Bank Group Main Complex.

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