African Microfinance Week 2019

The SAM is a whole week to:

  • Identify, discuss and celebrate the innovations, impacts and contributions that the African inclusive finance sector has made over the past 3-5 years toward achieving the SDGs;
  • Analyze the gaps and challenges currently facing the sector and catalyze promising solutions to address them;
  • Reinforce the sector’s commitment to and tools for effective impact measurement and business case analysis;
  • Stimulate new and enrich existing relationships with potential partners and allies across the African inclusive finance sector, including promoting actionable plans and follow-through after the conference;
  • Leverage the Luxembourg Cooperation’s financial expertise and enhance the agency’s role as a key partner for inclusive finance practitioners working to achieve the SDGs in Africa;
  • Rally participants around how to focus their individual and collective energy in order to make substantial progress toward the 2030 milestones that we will reassess at SAM 2021.

The SAM conference will last 2 days: Tuesday, 22 October and Wednesday, 23 October.
The 3 other days of the SAM – Monday, October 21 ; Thursday, October 24 ; and Friday, October 25 – will be reserved for other events:

– the Investors’ Fair: a networking event for investors and African MFIs, organised as speed-dating sessions that encourage the creation of new partenrships between these actors.

– the Innovators’ Village: presentation of innovative tools and services for national, regional and panafrican use that can improve the performance of MFIs as they support SMEs.

Research Meets Africa: discussion between international and african researchers and professionals about the development of the inclusive finance sector in Africa.

other related events: twenty free trainings and workshops, a Gala Dinner…

For more information and to register check the website

Source: ADA

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