Driving towards a stronger economy

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About this webinar
Economies are reopening, but it’s not like old times: the corona crisis has unveiled major flaws and a fundamental lack of resilience in our social and economic system.

Identifying root causes of a crisis long in the making, we’ve defined roads to recovery. These imply an economic and a social reset, as we cannot go back the way we were. Now is the time to build a better, more resilient and inclusive society.

Representing impact investor Triodos Investment Management, Hans Stegeman presents concrete measures by governments, businesses and communities. Public funds were deployed on a massive scale early 2020 in the public health crisis, but the lockdowns have caused a chain reaction of unemployment and unrest.

As Head of Investment Analysis and Economics, Hans will pinpoint the interconnected urgencies in need of change, and how the corona crisis can accelerate a green, resilient economy.

Main topics:
•Root causes & the post-corona landscape
•Examples of sector-by-sector recovery plans and walking the talk
•The opportunity for private capital in sustainable transition

This webinar is hosted by Els Ankum-Griffioen of Triodos IM.

Register now for our webinar on the 2nd of July at 15.00 CET!

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