Free Webinar: Geodata – Increasing Access to finance for Smallholder Farmers

The School of Frankfurt is pleased to invite you to the upcoming webinar: “Geodata – Increasing Access to Finance for Smallholder Farmers.”

Date/Time: Tuesday, 13th August 2019 , 12:00 CEST

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In this webinar, the role of geodata to increase the access to finance for smallholder farmers will be assessed. Numerous geodata technology can be used to improve credit-scoring models, for example through data on weather, drought, and soil moisture. This information improves risk management, reduces monitoring and transaction cost, and increases outreach of financial services for smallholder farmers in rural areas. The first part of the webinar will share lessons learned collected over the last six months of pilot projects.

The second part consists of a case study of Apollo Agriculture, an agricultural fintech company. Apollo Agriculture uses machine learning, remote imaging via satellite, and mobile money to deliver the proven tools that farmers need to increase their yields. Apollo’s core product is a bundled package consisting of financing, agricultural inputs, insurance, and advice delivered digitally. Their approach reduces the cost and logistical complexity of small-scale farmer lending, thereby enabling rapid scale and a reduced field presence. Ultimately, they aim to support the transition from maize-only subsistence farming to more commercial forms of agriculture by supporting customers with more diversified investments over time.

About the speakers:

NpM, Platform for Inclusive Finance brings together Dutch investors in the worldwide inclusive finance sector. It is their mission to increase the effectiveness of our members’ inclusive finance investments and activities. NpM will present its Geodata for Inclusive Finance and Food (G4IFF) workstream, which focuses on the use of geospatial information to increase access to financial services for smallholder farmers.

Apollo Agriculture is an agricultural fintech company that helps farmers in emerging markets maximize their profits.

Frankfurt School of Finance and Management’s International Advisory Services (IAS) division is devoted to the provision of advisory and education activities related to the achievement of the SDGs. Most activities are related to improving access to finance for entrepreneurs (SDG 1 and 8), access to food (SDG 2), and renewable energy (SDG 7); but gender empowerment (SDG 8) and providing shelter (SDG 11) also play a strong role. The webinar also takes place in the framework of Frankfurt School Sustainable World Academy’s e-learning course “Certified Expert in Agricultural Finance”.

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