Global Digital Development Forum 2021

Publisher: FinDev

Author: TechChange

Global Digital Development Forum (GDDF) 2021 is co-organized by USAID, Chemonics, Digital Impact Alliance, IntraHealth International, TechChange and Save the Children.

GDDF 2021 will be different from other ICT4D conferences and other online events. The organizers are committed to community-driven sessions that explore digital development challenges and opportunities with four key benefits:

  • ICT4D Focus: Explore the long-term challenges to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals and your opportunities to build an open, inclusive, and secure digital ecosystem for a safer, more prosperous future for us all.
  • Peer Connections: Join your friends and collaborators from around the world and meet new leaders with emerging ideas, as well as the donors and partners working with them – and you – to leverage technology solutions for greater impact.
  • Your Ideas: Share your experiences and insights with thousands of other digital development professionals in exciting presentations, lively discussions, and personal conversations across multiple fora.
  • New Experiences: Expand your concept of an ICT4D conference by joining innovative sessions using emerging tools, music, and virtual worlds to improve on physical interactions with your personal and professional peers.

This year, GDDF will continue to remove barriers to the inclusion of participants from low- and middle-income countries by providing free admission for all, expanding its focus on community-driven sessions across English, French, and Spanish languages.

See their website for more information and to register for the conference.

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