WEBINAR | Strengthening the Collective Voice of Consumers in the Financial Sector

Original Source: CGAP

Earlier this year, CGAP partnered with Consumers International, the global membership organization of consumer groups, to explore the current and potential status of consumer organizations in engaging in consumer financial protection. Consumers International conducted research through surveys, interviews and a virtual workshop bringing together consumer associations in high- and low-income countries. In parallel, CGAP researched mechanisms regulators are using to proactively engage with consumer representatives to support a more inclusive policymaking process.

Together, CGAP and Consumers International invite you to a webinar to share what we have learned to date and help us map the way forward

The consumer voice is essential to consumer financial protection policymaking. Yet in most markets, consumers are minimally represented in the development, implementation and monitoring of financial policy. Providers invariably enjoy greater access to and influence over regulators and lawmakers than do their consumer counterparts. To achieve a more inclusive and fairer financial marketplace, the consumer perspective must occupy a more prominent role in financial policymaking.

Now is an opportune moment for the financial inclusion community to redouble its work on strengthening and amplifying the collective voice of financial consumers.

We look forward to your contribution to this important issue.

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