Women’s World Banking: Making Finance Work for Women

Original source: MicroCapital

Originally scheduled to take place in the US city of San Francisco, this online event will concentrate on innovations and issues related to the financial inclusion of women, including through financial technology (fintech). A Fintech Innovation Challenge will offer presenters of new ideas the chance to win access to the Monetary Authority of Singapore’s Global FinTech Hackcelerator Demo Day, whose winners get cash awards of USD 50,000 each. Although additional details on the San Francisco agenda have not been released, last year’s sessions included: (1) Acquiring New Women Customers: An Insurance Perspective; (2) Usage of Accounts: A Savings Approach; (3) Opportunities for Policies to Reduce the Gender Gap; (4) Opportunities for Tech to FinTech Startups; (5) Women & Wealth – Leveling the Playing Field; and (6) and Designing Digital Credit Responsibly.

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