Original Source: ICCO

In order to give good fertilizer advice, it is necessary to know the exact nutrients contained in the soil and in the plant itself. Therefore soil tests have been carried out. These soil tests started with collecting soil samples in selected SpiceUp areas with two layers of depth (0-30 cm and 30-60 cm). The soil samples were then measured in IBP’s Soil Lab to identify both macro and micro nutrients.

The results from these soil tests will be used for fertilizer recommendations provided to farmers, including recommendations on the dosage of fertilizer and when to apply it.

SpiceUp project and New Technologies

The SpiceUp project aims to provide geodata based information services to support 100,000 pepper farmers in Indonesia. In this way the farmers can increase production, income, food security and reduce their inputs of water, fertilizer and pesticides. Four information services will be provided via an SMS service and Mobile App:

1. Drought/Irrigation Advice;
2. Fertilizer Advice;
3. Good Agricultural Practices Advice; and
4. Sustainable Tracing System/Market information.

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