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ICCO works on improving Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in India in the rural agricultural sector. Our partner Truvalu co-invests seed capital in selected SMEs and provides tailor made business development support to help SMEs grow to business maturity. We’d like you to meet the two ambitious women behind the SME Green Biotech EcoSolutions.

Entrepreneurship in semi-urban areas of India is not a male bastion anymore. When it
comes to defying norms and catching up with their males counterparts, women are ready to take on the role with a great deal of determination and perseverance. One such example is the sister duo Geetashori Yumnam and Dr Asem Sundari, who are the co-founders of Green Biotech EcoSolutions, the first bio-fertilizer company in Manipur.

‘Women army’

We meet the enterprising co-founders of the company on a bright cold morning at their office in Lamsang Laingamkhul in Imphal. Geetashori greets us a bright smile and quickly introduces us with her ‘women army’, as she fondly calls her lively staff who are busy demystifying organic farming.

The office is buzzing with positivity and conviction, much like its co-founders. The duo comes across as a fine blend of head and heart. They have both collectively seen remarkable highs and miserable lows, mobilized capital to enhance their business despite all odds, but always kept social viability and working with farmers as the epicentre of their work.

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