Original Source: Lendahand

Candi provides rooftop solar installations to underserved SMEs in India and, by raising funding through the Lendahand platform, they will be able to roll out their offering to more clients in the region as well as launching into the South African market. After building out their footprint in these early markets, the company aims to expand to other countries in Asia and Africa. The ambition of candi and Lendahand is to raise sufficient debt funding to provide affordable rooftop solar systems to over 20 companies, resulting in 124,000 tons of C02 mitigated and EUR 8 million saved for its clients, over the systems’ useful life.

Philippe Flamand, CEO of candi solar AG: “We are very enthusiastic about this new partnership with Lendahand, and confident in its ability to help us grow our presence across our focus markets at an early stage of our company’s evolution. We have been extremely encouraged by the take up of candi’s product offering amongst SMEs within a small space of time, and the appetite that exists for a product that provides clean, reliable and cheap power for SMEs remains vast across the countries of Asia and Africa.”

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