Original Source: NSO

The MUIIS project is one of the larger projects within the Geodata for Agriculture and Water Programme managed by NSO, where satellite data are used to contribute to food security. Around 250,000 small Ugandan farmers have registered for eligibility for a combination of agricultural advice information and financial services. After three years of a project status that included financial support by the Netherlands, the service will now continue under its own steam.

MUIIS (Mobile User-owned ICT4 Ag-enabled Information Services) is a bundled service provision for small scale Ugandan farmers. They receive location-specific weather information and agricultural advice on their mobile phone as well as market information and drought insurance. In return, the farmers pay 20,000 Ugandan shillings (nearly 5 Euros) per growing season and they are included in a digital database with data about the farmer, the family, their possessions and production results. This information is important for financial service providers to improve their ability to estimate risk. This means the ‘profiled’ farmers can get a loan more easily, indirectly guaranteed by the Netherlands Rabobank Foundation.

The subsidy provided by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs is coordinated by the Netherlands Space Office within the context of their projects within Geodata for Agriculture and Water. The Technical Centre for Agriculture and Rural Cooperation (CTA), an international organisation based in Wageningen, the Netherlands, is responsible for the project content. The Dutch firms of EARS and eLEAF are partners, as are American and African organisations.

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