Original Source: Oikocredit

“Before we worked with Y-Cook we didn’t grow sweet corn, but only flowers and millet. With corn we have fixed prices, which are much better,” says Krishna Muthy, a farmer from the village of Kanekal in India’s Andhra Pradesh state. As a farmer supplier to Oikocredit’s Indian partner Y-Cook, he has seen his corn crop prices and yields improve significantly, providing him with  stable income and a better quality of life for his whole family.

Fresh and healthy produce

Krishna is one of over 2,000 farmers across four Indian states who supply Oikocredit’s partner Y-Cook with produce. Y-Cook is a young, innovative company which produces a range of fresh and healthy ready-to-eat food products, packaged within hours of being harvested and free of preservatives and additives.

Y-cook works closely with its farmer suppliers, offering them a programme of services which includes soil testing, training in good agricultural practices and quality control.

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