Greening Financial Inclusion

This assessment of the status of greening inclusive finance across the members of the Dutch Platform for Inclusive Finance (NpM) has been undertaken by Enclude in order to determine which next steps should follow the 2015 signing of the Letter of Intent. The Letter was presented to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, detailing the shared intentions of the NpM members to make policies and practices more green.

In a final workshop (14 September 2016) in which the draft findings of this survey were presented to the NpM members, it was agreed to ask NpM’s coordination and facilitation of the following next steps:

1. The definition of Green Inclusive Finance.
2. Risk return perspective vs. opportunities.
3. Case development: seen from triple value creation.
4. The role of technology.
5. More aligned indicators.
6. Regulations.
7. Awareness raising and needs identification.

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