NpM Annual Report 2014

In October 2012 MicroNed and the Netherlands Platform for Microfinance merged into NpM, Platform for Inclusive Finance. 2013 was its first year as the new platform. This year set the stage for an important change: the active shift in focus from microfinance to inclusive finance.

In 2014, NpM has further explored new topics and established new forms of cooperation, both within and beyond the microfinance sector. For example, in cooperation with EY, NpM has via a joint research shed light on the important topic of client protection in microfinance.

Overall, 2014 has been a year of organising large projects, like the ‘A Billion to Gain?’ Conference with ING, during which a research on the social impact of microfinance in India and Ghana has been presented. Besides this kind of projects, NpM also actively participated in international activities taking place in the sector, for example the European Microfinance Week which is organised by the European Platform for Microfinance (e-MFP).

In the NpM Annual Report 2014, one can read about this and all other activities in more detail.

Enjoy your read!

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