Summary Report: Geodata for Inclusive Finance and Food

On 24 June, NpM hosted its seminar of “Geodata for Inclusive Finance & Food” in Nairobi. As a pre-day event to the SPTF and Smart Campaign’s Summit on “Inclusive Digital Future”, we heard from each of the winners of the NpM Innovator’s Challenge – Agri-wallet, Apollo Agriculture, and VanderSat – about their projects and the opportunities of geodata. Their insights gave way to an interactive Q&A session about the innovative practicality of their applications.

The second part zoomed in on the issue of data privacy when using geodata-based information. Isabelle Barrès of the Smart Campaign introduced major data privacy issues and the client protection principles. Ben Wellington of MicroFinanza Rating (MFR) then provided emerging good practices coming from case studies with FinTechs.

The seminar ended in lively group discussions reflecting on the great potential of geodata, but also the risks that the use of geodata-based information could carry.

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