Chief Operation Officer (COO) at Maxima Microfinance in Cambodia

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Chief Operation Officer is to prepare the branch operation plan in line with the MAXIMA business plan, ensure the success of operations and strategic plan of MAXIMA by supporting and monitoring the implementation of operational manual while ensuring good quality of financial service and good quality of loan.

Tasks and Responsibilities

  • Branch operation planning.
  • Branch operation implementation and related problem solving.
  • Credit management.
  • Lead marketing and SPM functions.
  • Branch staff management collaborating with HR.
  • Analyses of operational activities.
  • Manage related policies.
  • Reporting.
  • Policy/operation manual management:
    • Control and manage the branch operation related policies collaborate with subordinate.
  • Reporting about branch business:
    • Develop and submit both external/internal report based on necessity.
  • Branch Operation management:
    • Branch operation strategy and target planning and implementation.
    • Branch problem solving, team management.
    • Branch monitoring both by visit and video call.
    • Client management with branches.
    • New project related to branches.
  • Credit assessment and internal control management:
    • Manage credit assessment quality.
    • Manage delinquent management, follow up, internal control activities.
  • Marketing & SPM management:
    1. Plan and implement the marketing activities.
    2. Plan and implement the SPM activities.


  • Mindset:
    • Strong alignment with the mission, vision of the company.
    • Demonstrate high level of ethical behavior and trustworthiness.
    • Be passionate, aspirational, and highly motivated to deliver the change even in difficult situation.
  • Fundamental skills:
    • Highly professional in documentation, presentation, facilitation, negotiation, project /task management, people management and development.
    • Especially, best class talent in qualitative/quantitative problem solving, including analyses, grasping the situations.
    • Especially, excellent at communication to all the related parties.
    • If proficient in Khmer language, it is a large plus.
  • Functional experience/knowledge:
    • A minimum of three years of working experiences in a globalized strategic consulting firm.
    • Or, a minimum of eight years of working experiences in at least one of (1)corporate planning, (2)company-wide level project management, and (3)end consumer related operation experiences in a global top-tier company in the banking, service, retail, or CPG (consumer packaged goods) sector.
    • Experience in Microfinance, banking sector in developed countries is a strong plus.
    • Experience in digitalization, macroeconomic project, public sector related project in any sectors are plus.
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