Vice President, Sales & Structuring (Africa)

Original source: TCX

TCX investment Management Company B.V. (“TIM”), is the regulated fund manager of The Currency Exchange Fund N.V. (“TCX”). TCX is a regulated “Alternative Investment Fund” that offers hedging solutions in frontier and emerging market currencies where commercial bank alternatives are not available. TCX’s mission is to de-risk financing flows from developed countries to developing countries.

TCX is active across all developing regions globally. However, in line with the development priorities of many of its shareholders, TCX places a strong emphasis on the development of local currency markets in Africa, as is reflected in the fund’s 2021– 2025 Africa strategy, To support the implementation of that strategy, TIM is looking to expand its Sales & Structuring team with a FX Sales position for African markets.

As a FX Sales you cover two types of existing and prospective clients:
– International lenders covering emerging and frontier markets, typically multilateral development banks, DFIs and other types of impact investors;
– Financial institutions based in Sub-Saharan Africa, including commercial and development banks and non-banking financial institutions such as leasing companies and microfinance institutions.

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