MENAFIF – Financial Institutions Forum

Building a resilient financial system for the MENA region, to foster private sector growth and meet modern needs. 


  • Building on network and value of the Asia Financial Institutions Forum January 2019
  • A sectoral approach of the financial system, from commercial bank to MFI | 220+ attendees
  • Knowledge sharing | 40+ speakers over 1.5 day
  • Network | 10+ hours of networking

Where challenges meet opportunities you will find the region’s financial stakeholders. At MENAFIF we dive into topics and models to build a resilient financial system in the MENA region. The business opportunities and on-stage debates highlight private sector growth across countries and societies. Learn from and connnect with the region’s actors, from MFI to DFI, from MIV to commercial bank, to strengthen the region’s financial systems.

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