Collaboration and Sustainability: NpM brings together a large variety of Dutch development organisations, social investors and commercial banks active in the inclusive finance sector. To achieve our mission, we promote partnerships with a variety of actors in a diverse set of relationships and are open to partnerships with all relevant stakeholders. Next, we seek to fully empower our members and partners to ensure that our combined efforts bring sustainable and lasting change.

Complementarity and Impartiality: NpM recognizes that each and every member and partner brings different capacities, expertise and resources. While joining efforts with our members and other stakeholders to achieve common objectives, we complement each other’s work. Therefore, we create and promote effective synergies, while fully harnessing collaborative advantages. We are committed to maintaining impartiality in interaction with members and stakeholders to promote ideas and policies stemming from meaningful dialogue.

Transparency and Accountability: NpM and its members fully comprehend that their activities, policy suggestions and partnerships have a significant impact in the everyday life of thousands of people in many countries and regions. Accordingly, we acknowledge that we are accountable to a variety of stakeholders, and above all to those people living in poverty and looking for a meaningful contribution to their lives. NpM promotes the endorsement of the Social Performance Task Force (SPTF) and the Client Protection Principles (CPPs) of the Smart Campaign. Furthermore, over the past few years, NpM members have agreed on a number of approaches and principles, and signed several statements e.g. a Letter of Intent regarding the ‘greening’ of the inclusive finance sector.

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