Oikocredit is one of the world’s largest sources of private funding to the microfinance sector, providing credit to small businesses through microfinance institutions across the developing world. Oikocredit also provides credit directly to cooperatives, fair trade organisations and buy stakes in small and medium-sized enterprises. Oikocredit offers a dual return to its investors: social and financial.

In addition to earning modest financial returns, investors are secure in the knwowledge that their money is being used to fight poverty, promote fair trade and respect our planet’s natural resources.

Social performance management is a priority for Oikocredit. Measuring and demonstrating social return on investment is essential, as Oikocredit strives to know that its investments lead to positive change in the lives of the working poor. Being close to its clients and knowing their markets is at the foundation of Oikocredit’s work.

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To get insight in the general funding activities of Oikocredit related to inclusive finance, consult the NpM Investments page

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