Triple Jump

Triple Jump offers services to investors and provides loans and equity investments to microfinance institutions (MFIs) in all stages of their development.

Serving as a bridge between developed capital markets in the West and financial sectors in developing countries, Triple Jump improves access to appropriate financial services for entrepreneurs at the bottom of the pyramid. By providing capital and advisory services, Triple Jump supports the expansion of viable financial service providers in all stages of development. Thanks to its network of regional offices and large team of experts with strong portfolio management skills, Triple Jump is able to stay close to its investees. Due to the fact that we intensively promote social performance management, its investors receive both strong social returns and good financial returns on their investments with Triple Jump.

ASN-Novib Microcredit Fund managed by Triple Jump
The ASN-Novib Microcredit Fund, established by ASN Bank and Oxfam Novib in 1999, is managed by Triple Jump. The fund invests in expanding and mature financial intermediaries in Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe and Latin America; a semi-open-ended fund that enables private individuals to invest in microfinance institutions by purchasing shares sold by ASN Bank.

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Funding data of ASN Bank and Oxfam Novib are not displayed separately, but are integrated in Triple Jump’s data on the NpM Investments page

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