NpM members issue Investor Statement on Covid-19

Dutch emerging market impact investors speak out on Covid-19

Low income households and communities in emerging markets are most vulnerable to social and economic shocks. Covid-19 is such a shock and is felt across the globe. Dutch emerging market impact investors, under the banner of NpM, are joining forces to speak out and provide support to bolster the resilience of those most affected by the Covid-19 outbreak in emerging markets across the globe.

In these uncertain times, members of NpM, and other impact investing networks do their utmost to align their actions and be as cooperative as they can, to overcome the Covid-19 challenges together with peers, clients, investors and other stakeholders. NpM connects members and impact investors through its networks. We invite other emerging market investors to support us and join this statement – please contact NpM at!

To read the Investor Statement by NpM’s members, click here.

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