A Billion to Gain? Dutch Contributions to and Trends in the Microfinance Sector

In 2012 NpM and ING presented the ‘A Billion to Gain?’ study on Dutch contributions to and trends in the microfinance sector. NpM took the initiative to update this information and made an analysis of the data resulting from the CGAP Funder Surveys 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013. The ING Economics Department has, in cooperation with Israel Unger (researcher involved in the last two studies of ‘A Billion to Gain?’), checked and translated the analysis into a full report. The editorial board included members of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (IOB), Triple Jump, ING and NpM.

One of the interesting outcomes is that despite diminishing government support and turbulence in international financial markets, the Dutch investments grew from € 2.1 billion in 2010 to € 2.5 billion in 2013. It is expected that this trend will continue and that the Dutch microfinance sector will grow with 9% in 2014 and 10% in 2015.

To read the full report, click below. Please note that the report involves a correction (erratum) made based on some findings. There is also an infographic about this report available.

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