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About Lendahand

Lendahand is a small, fast-growing, mission-driven fintech company. They run two online impact investing platforms that allow retail investors to create impact in emerging markets while earning a decent financial return on investment.

Through their platforms, people can provide debt funding to non-bank financial institutions, fintechs and solartech companies in over 25 emerging countries such as Uganda, Mozambique, India, Mexico, and Cambodia.

Lendahand is a part of the revolution that is reshaping the banking- and investment management landscape. They have found product/market fit and is in the scale up phase. Five years ago, Lendahand raised €10,000 per month, at the moment they raise €3,000,000 per month. Lendahand expects to continue this steep growth curve and do €50 million in new investments in 2020!

With a European license as investment firm in the pocket, they have launched, a multi-impact investment platform. In 2017 Lendahand also started Energise Africa in the UK, dedicated to solar investments .They will launch in other countries in the near future.

The Lendahand team consists of 20 people. Some call themselves the experienced guys, and some team young gods (they leave it up to you to which group you think you belong to). Together, Lendahand forms a dynamic and high achieving team that gets things done and is having fun while doing so.

Lendahand is part of the B Corp community (Best for the World 2019) and have won the award for IEX Best Crowdfunding Platform in the Netherlands two times in a row!

What they are looking for

At the moment the Impact Investment Team consists of 5 FTE and is in need of a new team member as the portfolio is increasing rapidly.

What you will do as a member of the Impact Investment Team:

  • Gain in-depth knowledge on investing across different sectors in emerging markets, such as financial institutions, renewable energy, and affordable housing
  • Identify global debt investment opportunities with different risk/return profiles, where you will focus on the energy side of the portfolio
  • Perform (local) due diligence, write investment memos, present to the Investment Committee
  • Monitor and manage the investment portfolio
  • Provide operational support
  • Assist investees in executing FX hedging strategies
  • Determine the investment strategy together with the team

Lendahand is a small company, so don’t be surprised if your help is at times needed for corporate/financial strategy, capital raises, marketing (data analysis), etc.

About you

  • University-level master’s degree in anything (from financial engineering to anthropology)
  • A drive and naivety to want to change the world
  • Entrepreneurial and ambitious (you won’t survive here otherwise)
  • Max 2 years of experience in impact investing (preferably in emerging markets) and/or financial analysis & modeling
    • Renewable energy experience is a plus
  • Strong numeric, analytical & problem-solving skills
  • Comfortable with working under uncertainty (basically ‘organized chaos’)
  • Willing to frequently travel
    • As energy will be your focus area, you’ll spend a significant amount of time in Oxford, UK with our Energise Africa team
    • Local due diligence visits, mainly in Africa, are part of the job
  • Excellent in English, both verbally and in writing
    • French is a plus


  • Cash salary: in line with social ventures, not the jackpot but certainly sufficient for loads of coffee and avocados!
  • A very interesting stock option package
  • A dynamic environment with a steep learning curve
  • Change the world, nothing less

How to apply

Tobias Grinwis (Head of Investments)

Phone: +31 6 12 70 33 02


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